Here is a PUBG tips and tricks guide that will help you improve at the game. This is catered towards new or returning PUBG players but will have useful info at any skill level
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  1. funniest comment in 24 hours gets pinned ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Color blind mode does actually matter with throwables. I like the pink blood too but when throwing something the marker that comes out from your hand and shows where you're throwing is yellow and I can't see that in most scenarios

  3. nice, around 6 tips I didnt know, cheers

  4. Be better if you showed how to do these things

  5. Itโ€™s amazing how less effort he puts into his videos for the amount of subs he has and still gain subs consistently

  6. Thumbsdown, maybe actually show and explain some of the stuff you're talking about rather than just the same old tdm footage.

  7. 1-20: Never consider buying or returning this crap. Period.

  8. Would be nice to see clips for each point.. Not some random game play

  9. Ch0pper: A little constructive feedback about your videos. I'm interested in what you have to say but your videos are unwatchable. You always just show generic footage of the game which is not relevant to the subject and it's kind of tedious. Whatever you're talking about, whether its weapons, attatchment choices, tactics ect. Try demonstrating what you mean by showing it in the video as you're talking about it, kind of like what WhackyJacky does. I noticed you did it a little bit on this one with the grenade, but please do it more.

  10. You would have much much better videos if you showed each of these tips while in-game. Instead in every video we are watching you play some random game in a random way. Can get quite boring mate.

  11. B hopping lol bunny hopping

  12. Drop a gas can at your feet while in a gun fight?? Hmmm. Hopefully everyone does this for me.

  13. I killed bassinassasin earlier lol

  14. Imagine if they add fatigue and weight factor to movement speed.

  15. I learnt 17 the hard way ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜”

  16. why not show clips of what your talking about instead of gameplay.

  17. Ch0pper: "B hopping is still a very viable movement tool but does leave you very vulnerable if you happen to get caught while doing it."

    CS:GO players: Not if you press 4 hard enough with a SR

  18. Hey chop I gotta question. I just bought the game yesterday because Iโ€™ve been watching you play it and I noticed it takes a while to get into a game. I play on ps4 is there anyway to speed this up? Also what is the list? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. How do I play TDM on xbox? Ch0pper said its on all platforms but I cannot find it.

  20. The Best Advice : do not die … I tried this and won many times

  21. it's very hard in asia

    all vietnam chinese players are all pros and they play all day

    eu servers are easy if you compare it to the asia server

  22. Hey can we get an updated setup tour

  23. #1 carry smokes
    #2 stay out of phase 4 blue
    #3 use training ground to warm up
    #4 learn to 3x spray
    #5 use the wiggle/dont stand still or run straight
    #6 players will stand still when sniping…be patient
    #7 vehicles should only be used when absolutely necessary
    #8 take off those snazzy sneakers. They make you louder
    #9 dont flush a downed enemy. He's now bait
    #10 embrace the suck. This game is difficult. PUBG doesn't give a fuck about you so when you win its an amazing feeling.

  24. Love your videos alot ch0p keep it up

  25. mate honestly the vector is buggy on the tdm. When i get it it has 0 recoil and when I say 0 i dont mean its very good and stuff I mean once I fired 33 rounds onto a sign from 40m away and all of my shots made only 1 hole on the sign. Im not using a cheat it is really strange

  26. How to get pro in game?
    Buy the season pass and rgb ram

  27. 144hz monitor-Am I a joke to you?

  28. Boring. It's been done so many times b4, u need some new content dude. So predictable

  29. Please bro mujhe support kro me bhot dino se videos bna rha hu lekin views nhi aa rhe

  30. I am someone who has never played pubg steam, but I am still watching this video. I have played pubg lite, though

  31. Would love if u did a xbox tips and tricks I know there's not much of a difference but with your knowledge and experience it would be awesome

  32. the rolling sound just like the sound of enemy steps is partially missing completely, that bug gives great problems

  33. I just want to say thank you for all the hours I've been steaming I hope you reach you go of how many subscribers you want ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Ch0pper knock your section down

  35. can you drive by in mobile? i tried but i didn't succed

  36. is there a way to select the map you want to play?

  37. instantly improve your game over time. lol

  38. "way more faster" smh

  39. Tip #2 put a bomb between your legs…… nah homie itโ€™s never the right play….

  40. Great tips. I'm considering to come back. It's been a long while since I have played so I'm basically starting all over. (On Xbox)

  41. Another Tips Video with the same content lmao. not even examples this time around. you're running out of ideas and its showing.

  42. Ch0pper you are my favorite pubg youtuber! Love your ranking videos๐Ÿ‘Š

  43. I'm someone who's returning to the game.
    So thanks for making this video

  44. should be called pubg common sense lol not Pro tips. but they are tips, kinda noob tips tho not pro. although i feel like Pro tips would be more strategy type stuff, and nobody give real strats for pubg. u can find some general genaric stuff but nothing that actually helps people get better. i would like to see some real shit like rotations depending on next zones, spots to hold with difrent zones. that would be pro tips. although doing a vid like that would require more effort than this vid lol. i like chop, but his vids xan be rather lazy, dosnt even bother tryin to show u the tips, just random games behind. minimal edits. channel would blow up if he tried taking his editing to the next level….but then again pubg is dieing so really whats the point.

  45. Coronavirus : enters Africa

  46. I will lose funniest post as fast as I lose at pubg

  47. Please some1 tell me if im crazy but…..i swear i run slower with smg's. Dont believe me, try it…

  48. I hate bee hop & any1 who uses it. Go bunny hop in CoD…smh

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