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• Brand: iPhone XR
• RAM/ROM: 3GB/128GB
• Recorder: iOS
• Resolution: 1080p 60FPS
• Control: 5 Fingers…

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  1. Voice over gameplay please

  2. Bro mera m4+ 6x me horizontal recoil bahut he even with attachments?? Kaise improve kare…

  3. Love ur grenade technique

  4. I know you because of maxtern , maxtern sahi bola regarding your fast movement it’s true

  5. Nyc and good voice

  6. Bhai bht shi tha sb kch aur aise videos lana ❤️🤘🔥🔥

  7. Bhoot head Bhai achaa lga

  8. Arrey bhai aapki aawaz se hi pyaar hai

  9. Aww so sweet voice lyuu.. Mela babu..

  10. Op tips bro improve my gameplay a lot

  11. Plz go on bhai … ❣️
    I will support you..😊🤗🙌

  12. 3:44 bhai yaar yeh aag kon laga diya

  13. Damage do andar aao

  14. Gameplay upload karo maxtern bro jasha daliy
    MIB _Dimitri

  15. Which foregrip do u suggest for sprays.

  16. Nice voice over brooooooo

  17. Bhai bhut Acha tha voice

  18. Pehli baar aawaaz suni…

  19. Your voice is funny… Btw,big fan of yours

  20. Bhai apki age kya hai aur kon si class mai ho

  21. Why you not playing with maxi

  22. Esp ka batao 😂😂

  23. Nice voice bro ❣️❣️❣️ and cute and awesome gameplay thanks for tips 🤗🤗🤗 so helpful

  24. close range ke liye best gun konsi hai…aur ye sare drills sab guns ke sath krna ha na?


  26. Thnx for the grenade tips

  27. Bro gameplay me voice over karo

  28. I love your game play yrrr

  29. Want daily…ur video's

  30. You are best for pubg mobile

  31. What is meaning of ryu

  32. bro thank you kafi improve hua mera game

  33. Ryu Bhaiya Sagar se commentary Karna learn karloo
    But first time voiceover is not bad of course better than me
    Thanks for the tips I will practice in training
    I copied my controls from sagar's old 4 fingers
    But my aim accuracy isn't perfect so please make a video how to make perfect aim accuracy

    Bro es kab wapas aarahe hoo & maxtern ke Saath kab hum ko duo Vs squad dikhega (jisme Ryu- 4 kills , 9110 damage . Maxtern- 24 kills 2134 damage)

  34. love U voice❤❤

  35. our video dalo bhai

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