in this video i will be testing out all the grips in pubg mobile to find out which one is the best!

If you find this video any helpful, give feedback in the comment section. or what video should I make next? want more handcam videos?

all the credit goes to wackyjacky101

check his channel for more content like this!

What is HipFire/Crosshair? Win Every Close Combat Fights with this Trick (PUBG MOBILE) Handcam -…

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  1. took me 12 hours to make this video ;-; pls share this video with your friends it helps me a lot
    thank you for 30k subs ❤️

  2. You shake your phone too much while spraying. You miss too many bullets

  3. My favourite grip is Angle grip ❤

  4. I am an Arab and did not understand this video. Can anyone tell me what is the best grip?

  5. ممكن تدضع صور المقابض

  6. Plz my friend request accept id name NOOB MAZHAR🤗🤔

  7. Can I play with you please I push with you pleaee

  8. For gyro players half grip and angled grip is best

  9. Bro bola tha chanel grow hoga dont lose hope

  10. Im ur new sub…ur videos r awesome…keep doing❤🙂

  11. Ur old viewer 🙏
    Ur hipfire video helped me lot🔥🔥
    As well as jiggle movement video .
    Ur tip on close range has helped me many times during conqueror pushing 🙏
    IGN- 乇乂IS匕乇NC乇


  13. Thank you for this informative video bro.i will now use angled grip for long range spray and vertical for short and mid range .I had tried this also in training ground.❤️you bro.Before I faced some problems I giving sprays with 6x.But now this is solved.

  14. Ayy my G wacky jacky 101 lets go!

  15. what to do if the enemy is very close to you like 1m or less

  16. ullbe big YouTuber soon bro….keep it up♥️👌

  17. Half grip is the best

  18. Please I want to translate it to Arabic

  19. How u edit ur videos

  20. In most of the cases I use dp and a uzi so in most of the cases I don't want this grips

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