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  1. Doc and shroud are the legends!!!

  2. Am i the only 1 feel dizzy watch this? LoL

  3. The two time was looking for a 4 time (scope).

  4. You know the doc is serious when there almost no horsing around and zero production

  5. when i saw doc 1st i was confused but when i saw shroud i was like
    yeah shroud can do it


  7. 21:30 I did NOT expect that

  8. fkn banana quality

  9. those sunglasses are the definition of professionalism and style

  10. What’s up with pixelated shadows at 1:26

  11. Who shoots and play hide and seek?
    Most probably Me if I see This two players together!!

  12. Doc is happy when he's with Shroud

  13. He got a lil to happy when he revived shroud😂

  14. Don’t ask next time

  15. Yaha bc without chasma kuch dikhta nai ise goggle pahan k kaise dekh leta hai be….. Ghoobad ki aakh hai kya bc.. Teri

  16. Doc, when using bandages, you gotta wait until each bandage gets to three out of 5 tick marks before using the next one to maximize how much healing you get.

  17. good evening dr disrespect, shroud and ninja, i'm on my way thru this Earth's human-controlled internet. if i find any website that i hold more than hatred and ferocity for, i will let my boss know. i'd warn everyone you know, start now STARTING NOW warning WARNING

  18. Why is Doc not BOOSTING??? lol NOOB!

  19. Why didn't he get the 8x from the start?

  20. Legends at play. ☝️🍶🏟️

  21. 7:48 Doc went full maniac ‼️‼️‼️

  22. This game looks like it was made in 2003.

  23. Shroud: We going?

    Doc: yeah lets do it.

    Doc does nothing.

  24. i gotta give doc props but wow he's shit with his inventory

  25. Best duo in the history of gaming 🌈🌈

  26. He looks like 80s rocksatar

  27. What I don’t understand is that 2 time continues to bag out shroud but then he teams up with him)!?! Don’t make sense?!?!?!??

  28. The bike part will always be legendary 💪🏽🙏🏼🙏🏼💪🏽

  29. Lmao at 23:50 Doc drops his AKM, picks up a 2nd Kar98k and then realizes a lil bit after 😂

  30. Me with my partner called soul mortal got 41kills as duo in classic Sanhok

  31. He didn't kill 30.

  32. Try to play ing asian server . HAHAHA.

  33. The mistake Doc does is he keeps walking around with that Kar. AR should always be in your hands. What if someone close approaches you from nowhere while youre having a kar in your hands? He would kill you easily. Thats why Shroud is faster than him at killing close range enemies

  34. Doc chicken .shroud king

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