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  1. Bro hack is not displaying in my pubg

  2. fileupload ja kar bhi file down nahi hoti dosri web sites open ho jati

  3. can i just use it on real id … is it safe enough

  4. Can we spectate our another account with this hack?

  5. I am having problem to load hack. I disabled adblock even deleted it (once), my antivirus (windows defender only, i have no other antivirus) is totally disabled … totally, installed all the needed C ++ asked by mh. Even now I am approved member. What should I do to make it work?

    I am getting fed up. Please help me.

    I have i3 4130, 8gb ram, 480gb ssd, 750 ti …….

  6. Can we use it for spectate ? Esp?

  7. I’ve played for 2 days and there was no ban but I got banned yesterday and I use just esp but I killed like 15 every game I played 😂

  8. Thank You. I played for 3 days. No ban. But today I got an Update; Is it still safe?

  9. Is this system in order that almost hardly get any ban?

  10. im not able to down hack file
    plz help bro plz

  11. I got 3 month ban

  12. after run how to hide tittle

  13. how to hide the option box

  14. vai help koren pi load fail ashtace

  15. pi load fail please solve my problem

  16. Give me an anti-urban please, I noticed that there are numbers on the left of this screen that anti-urban

  17. not warking page falid . how to slive problem

  18. How to hide the menu?

  19. Core option
    Advance option
    ay tab ta ki vhabe off kora jay ?

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