Time for a short and sweet tips video!

Sappheiros – A tale of unexplored worlds

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  1. FYI: I said something incorrect in my video. AKM headshot+bodyshot combo vs level 2 WONT kill. It does 97,2 damage.
    Only if the player has a Lv1 vest+ Lv2 Helmet OR a Lv1 helmet+Lv2 vest 🙂

    Sorry <3

  2. I can never crouch (c) prone (z) while fighting an enemy lol I will most like end up hitting some other key like x and equip some throwable

  3. I wonder if the canted sight glitch works on PS4

  4. Strelo0k guy, a stalker fan, nice! if youre strelo0k please reply! or any stalker fan 🙂

  5. Are people really want to know any tips about this game… Pubg sucks

  6. Lol no one cares about this game anymore

  7. no matter the game, a dropped enemy on the ground is a free headshot as long as you dont forget that people do that shXX.

  8. Keep up the good work, even players that have played since day one learn many of tips from you good sir

  9. Is there anything to make the Desert Eagle not handle like a one-wheeled bicycle?

  10. Have had my sniper on slot1 and ar/smg on slot2 since the beginning of PUBG. Dunno why, somehow it felt more logical for me.

  11. Like if you have pubg on ps4 and you feel taken advantage of because we dont have all content pc and xbox has. Ps4 has wild recoil compared to pc and xbox. Im starting a class action lawsuit against pubg . The more people speak up the better the game will get. Class action suit will force them to fix the game and add all content

  12. Would have been intresting to see that stickybomb on door that does it effect room area behind the door when door is open or not.

  13. 2:17 Yeah that is my game latency 😭

  14. That sticky bomb trick. OMG. Must have actually been FUN to get killed that way. Very innovative indeed. Well done sir! 🙂

  15. What you guys think about low ping vs high https://youtu.be/FVV_GHVXYzI

  16. #Flickshots
    Sir can you tell how it works!

  17. https://youtu.be/YVofYguHPdA watch the above technique in action, sticky on door!!!

  18. Now time to give Bluehole 5 tips to fix their mess

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