unlimited health hack pubg mobile

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ mobile version is now available in the U.S. on both Android and iOS, via Google Play and…

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  1. koti ka bacha jhoot bool rahy

  2. Ki vaba korbo sata bolun

  3. Your internet is slow

  4. ap ke ping ka issue ha hacker nai ha wo

  5. look at your ping dude…it is their server issue

  6. Download link bhejo

  7. how do I download it?

  8. Bhai Tencent emulator main lowest ping kaise le uss per video banao kyoki sab ne lowest ping ke liye video bana rakhi hai per sab mobile ke liye hai emulator ke liye batao bhai

  9. See ur ms speed… Ita above 300

  10. Glitch hai easy. Trick hai aap bhi kar sakte hoo

  11. Just that happened to me yesterday in Miramar, a complete team using that hack, a full AWM magazine in one of them and he not die, I shot 60 rounds on two and nothing happened, finally there was only one left and between my team shooting at the same time we could knock him at the end he also use speed hack… That really sucks.

  12. Bc apney ap revive ho rha h!!

  13. How can you revived without your friend????!!!!!

  14. Es video me ako bscaya kisna jubbki ap ka pstner slag jagha pe tha kamal hs

  15. ههه سكواد كله هاكر نااايس والله

  16. 18 Goli maara fir bhi nahi mara

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