In this video I will show you guys how to live stream pubg mobile gameplay on your facebook group , facebook page , youtube, twitch etc .

Omlet Arcade :

Note :- This video has followed all the Youtube community guideline rules . The purpose of this video is to share My knowledge with everyone that is totally Legal, Informational and for Educational purpose. I totally do not support any types of illegal acts or…

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  1. I have one problem can you talk in the game with your teammates and do the live stream at the same time

  2. But the internet are bad when steaming I can't play.

  3. This helped a lot thank you

  4. how many mbps internet speed is required for live streaming ?? can anyone please advice

  5. Background music pls

  6. How to fix sound problem on stream ?

  7. the problem is that there is not much people watching PUBG MOBILE ON TWTICH NEITHER FACEBOOK so its very hard! even if you have the time to stream nobody will watch because people on twtich or fb wont watch because there are not too many people unless if u speak arabic or that kind of language then yes otherwise spanish english but get u anywhere on this game.

  8. i can't logan on Facebook😥😥

  9. Hay ! nonton yuk facebook/bangkitgaming22

  10. Bhaii isme music play kar ke bhii khelney milti ki naii

  11. This app hack my pubg account don't trust this app

  12. Can i stream this to my fb page?

  13. 4-5 min k baad automatically streaming off hojata hai worst app

  14. Hewo fwends subscwibe. 0:00

  15. Thanku so much 😘

  16. Its onlet or omlet

  17. I have this problem that if im using omlet arcade to livestream my game. My ingame mic doesnt work and they cant hear me can anyone teach me ill appreciate it

  18. you are the one who will always post things on utube….
    u r really helpful for me bro…
    thankyou so much….

  19. Bhai streamlab से nahin how sakta kya Facebook p. By using Android mobile.. please reply that I can subscribe to your channel

  20. Accha bhai agar superchat receive karna hai toh kese karna hai batao bhaiya

  21. You're the one who are speaking english on your video and i most thankful for that..the other india youtuber only upload the title in eng but they speak with their own lauguage on video…zzzz..thank you for your share..keep it work. Dude..

  22. Now its not giving multiple live option

  23. Very care full this app u have hack if u make it care full with omlent

  24. You are using honor 7a

  25. Do you have honor play

  26. Why does it keeps on getting interupted everytime i go live on fb

  27. Life saver thank u been trying for ages now really helped

  28. Which game you are playing

  29. First i searched on play store Nad after

  30. Bro… How to have multiple pages working on omlet because I have a page that was set for deletion and I want to livestream on the other page but the other page is not on the omlet arcade sooo I need help……

  31. Hey..bro..could you do me a favor??
    I used this streaming app to live broadcast pubg on my Facebook.. and later when I finished playing the game I got notification regarding my Facebook being Accessed by unknown..n now it's hacked..
    So I kindly request you to let others know that it's a malicious app.. thanks

  32. Bro it says tempralily unable to stream

  33. Worst app bro not working realme handset 😡😡😡😡😡

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