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After meeting a fan (and killing him) I saw a flare in the sky, above it a plane, and another plane, and another flare, and another plane.

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  1. "Let's get him hes out of ammo!"
    Sevou: pulls out pan
    Enemy: sweats

  2. 24 kill my new record

  3. He said kill me if you wish in arabic

  4. My record kills are 34 kills

  5. Hi guys I'm really poor and I really need UC please send a little bit (ID: 5526749135)

  6. Encourage your fans but don't kill them 😂😉😉 please I want play with you one game give your id number

  7. My highest kills are 29
    Solo vs Squad

  8. Sevou:Whats your most kill record this season

  9. He is your best fan he is a like you

  10. "What is your highest kill in this season"

  11. Fuk fuk fuk fuk what does it mean brooo

  12. Solo vs squad 37

  13. When do you feel what the fuk

  14. Me most kilss 36 kils

  15. My most kills is 16

  16. Hey you have take it a new challenge you not take a gun you gun take only drop can you take my challenge

  17. I have max 13 kills in this season and in this game I got 5th place XD

  18. Sevou: What your most kill in this season
    Me: My most kills is your most kills 😂😂

  19. 33 kils but not record

  20. Only 5 ,😭😭😭

  21. Sevou:what's your most kills
    Me: 57 I was looking for 60 kills but it didn't work also I got a winner winner chicken dinner on that game but no 60 kills😭😭😭😭😭😭

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