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  1. Hello guys
    Narayan Raj is not doing for fame. He’s donating money to see their reactions and make viewers laugh, entertain us. This video is posted to see streamers reaction.
    And Narayanraj donates money to poor people, to old age ashrams, and even sponsor whole year education funds for poor kids.
    Hope you guys understood.
    Thank you!

  2. You are an amazing person bro..keep supporting our Indian gaming community like the way u do…..💪it's people like u who will help our Indian gaming community to move forward to a brighter future..🔥

  3. Its not andha paisa its appreciation to those who deserve it those who are skilled. He is a true human.

  4. Muje bhi dede 8308142907 paytm bro I am yours biggest fan in world only and only narayan raj

  5. Bhai plz kuch paise hum jaise gareebo ko bhi

  6. Give me some money bro plzz for my health and i have pay for my medical expenses
    Plzz bro
    If your believe me send
    My number:- 9581832343

  7. You have great heart bro. Stay healthy and happy.

  8. Please bhai muje bhi thoda support dikha do

  9. Narayan bhai aaj tak Royal pass nhi kharida sirf ek baar dilado I am soo poor

  10. Check discription
    Youtube inhe copyright dene ki zarorat nahi hai 50% kamai inhe ne karwai hai youtube ki
    @Narayan raj

  11. Narayan raj sir salute to you

  12. Proud of u bhaiya😍

  13. Tqq Bro For Support 😍😍😍😍😍 I love you bro

  14. Narayan Raj Bhai kitna property hai aapke pas? 😦😦😧😱

  15. Ramesh is missing you a lot bro

  16. Bhai itna paisa kaha se laate ho?????? 😂😂

    Btw love u bro

  17. U can be the mrbeast of india

  18. Kue Dera bro dislike…. saport Karne valloku be dislike detha Kya….

  19. Helping those streamers who already grown up 😅😅

  20. Hemmeya kannadiga

  21. Bhai idhar bhe kuch donate kardoo

  22. Narayan raj…..
    Thoda… Hum ko bhi dekh lo broo

  23. Can you by for me a phone I will be really thank full to you

  24. Litrlly yarrr… plz kuch garibon ko do fir reaction shoot kroo.. jinhe achull money ki jarurat ho unhe do… Unke keyboard hi 12K ka ata h.. Achee insan ho tum bhai.. koi tumse sikhe paise lutana.. Jis din ni hoga na jiteji marna marega yadd rakhna

  25. Kuch garibon ko vi do unhe bhot hi jarurat h ok bhai.. fir reaction dikhaww un garibon ki

  26. What do you do for living sir bill gates

  27. Narayan Raj Bhai ❤
    Apki kya hi tareef kru YoU r GreaT
    ❤❤App Bhut achee Ho 🙂
    Love You SiR🙂❤
    Paytm 8532980303 😁

    Love you Sirr 😘🥰😍❤

  28. Narayan raj bro please support samurai telugu gamer

  29. What do you do for a living man
    I am stunned literally stunned!!!!!!

  30. bro its a request ki aap chote streamers ko aur support jaise aap krte aae ho aur post nhi karo

  31. Bhai merko bhi dede yr…channel k liye piano chahiye but le nahi pata 🤦🏻‍♂️ mobile ap pe piano Baja ke sbko entertainment krta hu 🤦🏻‍♂️

  32. U r really amazing Narayan Sir…. Huge respect 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  33. Narayan raj kudlana bro

  34. good work Sir these reaction are unbelievable. So are making the right difference this community and these streamers need such kind of motivation and the feel of being loved by someone. KEEP IT UP SIR HUGE RESPECT

  35. Bahut pese vale ho app hope u give me iPhone 11 pro Maxx

  36. I also have channel on YouTube plz visit it

  37. I play on redmi note 4 my device lags

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