NEW RECORD IN POCHINKI | PUBG MOBILE. So I just got an insane gameplay in pochinki pubgm! Enjoy!

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  1. PANDA + Millions Roses = 💪

  2. Mode Europe 🙄🙄

  3. why no gunshots on map hard core?

  4. Killing streak for 🐼

  5. I love you brother❤️

  6. Ya era que nadie se de cuenta

  7. Eso es arta sala ni se marcan los pasos

  8. 04:47 this gun is like a machine gun

  9. I love your every video

  10. Caraio, ele joga MUITO !!!

  11. Very good Bhai pubg ka kitana lavel hai

  12. Bro on which device you play

  13. Panda what is your name in pubg please write your name in this I want to friend you

  14. Ur a genious bro. Gud play
    Im watching you from qatar, im a huge fan of you. , i eager to qatch u dying match. U play solo with lots of committment. Hats off to you.

  15. U playing hardcore mode?

  16. which device do you play on?

  17. in pochink i get 19 kill in seson 5

  18. This game is hardcore mode bro

  19. New subscriber is here PH

  20. It's Hardcore Mode😑

  21. iPhone 11 pro mi 10 pro ??????? Help

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