Power Of MK14 | PUBG Mobile Lite Solo Squad Gameplay

Hi guys,
In this video, I am showing Pubg Mobile Lite 20 kills solo squad with squad wipe gameplay. This is my part 147 PUBG Mobile Lite pro gameplay.

You can check previous PUBG mobile lite gameplays here:

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  1. U literally killed 3 teams WOWWWWWW

  2. Bhai bhot hi marega ya bandebhi😄

  3. Play with me id JOKerkhan

  4. Which recorder did u use bro

  5. Na kisi ko pane ki talab,
    Na kisi ko khone ka ghum,
    Lodo me guzra hai Bachpan apna, magar PUBG to ishq hai ❤️ love you bro 💞❤️🌹

  6. Pubg lite ma update aya ha bhai

  7. Bro which recorder u use please say bro pls

  8. You think that you can fire mk 14 in auto mode by using 6x you fool.

  9. Techzmazing pubg lite ko update Kar lo usme fluar gun a gai

  10. Pubg lite 🤣

  11. बहुत अच्छा खेल रहे थे

  12. Play with me my ID is HOWL1012WTFSC

  13. Please tell your pubg lite id

  14. Bro big fan please accept my request on pubg lite 👌👊👌

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