In this Video, I am going to show you how to Get Free Outfit in PUBG mobile via from New PUBG Mobile event and Free Unlimited silver Fragment and Unlimited BP coins and PUBG Crate Coupon.

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  1. Bahi so different trick but I like it trick bandookbazz..😘😎

  2. Hwy bro I am your big fan I am a small pubg player . I watch your all videos and likes them my wish in pubg to have elite royal pass I never had it I have participated in your giveaways but not get that ..# I supports you bandookbaaz

  3. Thank you bandookbaj

  4. Thankyou bandookbaaz bhai

  5. Thank you bandookbaz

  6. Bhai outfit mil rhe hai new account bana kar dekho

  7. Bhai free outfit wali vedio

  8. Bro me not showing the reward box

  9. Thanks bandookbaaz

  10. Bhai iske lea 1 hour kharab kro ge kya

  11. Can you shut the fuck up you talk more than you show us

  12. Why is your title and entire description in English if your not even gonna speak in English.

  13. Thank you Bandook baaz 🙏🏻♥️♥️

  14. Vi right said ma koi timear nahi ayaya

  15. Koy timear nahi ayaya

  16. Thank you bhai par ek bar karne ke baad vo box gayab Ho gaya

  17. It's trik Mana 1week phala Kar Lea tha

  18. Are bro mere pe collect ka option nahi a raha

  19. Bro mere me vo crate nahi dikha raha yarrr
    please help mi bro 😥😥😥

  20. Where is your unlimited siver frag fucking asshole

  21. Fuddu insaan beebkooff mt bana logon ko apni bekr videos dekhakr

  22. 1.No.Bandook_Baaz_Bhai…

  23. Hellow bandukbaaj bhai I am new subscriber of ur channel
    I need UC for elite pass plz give me bro
    Big fan
    Big fan

  24. I can't do this pls bro help me and change the speak to English pls bandookbaz and love u from afghanistan 😚😚😚😚😚😙😚😙😚

  25. Bhai Mera iPhone h isme koi rewards na h

  26. A box neahe arahea

  27. Bhosdike bandookbaaz

  28. Thank you bandookbaaz

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