SEASON-12 Secret Tips To Maintain KD in Pubg Mobile | How To Increase KD Ratio in Pubg Mobile

5+ KD Ratio PART-2 =


About this video:

how to maintain KD in Pubg mobile
how to increase KD ratio in Pubg mobile
KD in Pubg mobile
what is KD in Pubg
how to maintain kd in…

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  1. 2:23 video starts

    Thank me later..

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  4. You are really humble man bro
    BIG FAN ☺️😊

  5. You are really humble man bro
    BIG FAN ☺️😊

  6. Bhai mai apko request behta ho ling mai per tum or hate nhi please khela karo my ATOM DYNAMO OK AAJ RAAT BEJU GA OK

  7. Hai bhai nice video

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