Spending 50.000 UC to MAX NEW Phantom Bike | PUBG Mobile
Im spending 50.000 uc to max new phantom motorcycle!

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  1. Did you like new phantom bike?😍

  2. ID:6376037865
    My ig: MuhammadIV
    Hope i'll get it:)

  3. Bro plzz Or give me royal pass big fan

  4. Bro plz give me only 600uc to buy royal pass

  5. Bhai dar Ko main Instagram mein follow kar liya hun bhai use de de bhai 600 UC

  6. ID 5716316730 nasierferdina

  7. My Id:5139089417

  8. I like this bike scaane

  9. My id 5412404212

  10. Wah bike scane nyc ur so lucky

  11. your phantom bike very very awosom id;5679068572

  12. My name pubg is GEMORA
    I complet you codition
    And my id is :5377543852 thanks to UC

  13. My game I'd is Tejapranith

  14. ID 5612189060 PLZ RUPPO HELPE ME UC PUBG WAHTS APP *252613388333

  15. 5446053493 this is my I'd please give me some uc

  16. Ruppo Plz teach us how to jumb out bikes while driving them ? 😅

  17. Bro i want royal paas… Please do for me… I need your help…. Plese2… My id 6510501039…i trust u bro

  18. Request accapt plzzz bro

  19. ID 6289730261
    Give you challange only mini14 and SLR

  20. Done

  21. Your the best and I love the bike 5230498559

  22. My Game ID : 5288243081
    Plsss give me UCs bro

  23. PUBG ID – 5563654949

  24. Pls send me uc

  25. If u are ruppo Fan you must watch this "100Kills in 7Min" best videos ever i seen…

    https://youtu.be/6g1RqAC3ytc most satisfying video OF RUPPO 100KILLS … must watch again…https://youtu.be/6g1RqAC3ytc

    Ruppo plz watch this … this guy made a collection for you .. plz support him…

  26. If confusing enemy in PUBG is an art , Ruppo is Picasso in it 😎

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