PUBG Case mod, and much more. Custom Gaming PC’s & Case modding from PaxAus 2017. Also, TIL; you can buy an IRL, PUBG “Level 3 Backpack”

PUBG Mod – Stephen Hoad, Tech Modified + Corey Gregory, Designs by IFR

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  1. it's like a tuner car show for computer nerds =)

  2. Joker one wins hands down.

  3. If there wasn't a giant sign that said PUBG and a logo embedded in the case I wouldn't be able to tell that pc case was supposed to represent the game. PUBG has so little brand recognition you really gotta scrape the bottom of the barrel to try and represent it. Even so it just looks like run down building with nothing other than a frying pan connecting it to the game.

  4. Awesome footage of some of my builds! Thanks for sharing mate 😀

  5. I should go to Pax next year just to meet all the Oz tech youtubers!

  6. Great Camera Work!

  7. Man I'd hate to fix some of these xD

  8. THANK you for just straight up good camera work and letting the tech porn just roll <3 .

  9. Holy shit. I didn't even think about pushing SpongeBobs eyes!

  10. Great a PC that looks like pubg that can't keep up with the frames

  11. Can I has that Witcher Pc? Plez?

  12. That SpongeBob is terrifying

  13. please do a review of the MSI GS63 7RD stealth, it's an slim laptop with a GTX 1050

  14. I went to check the time, and the notification for this video popped up. Turning my iPad on for me.
    Thanks Blunty, great timing!

  15. Wish I had a PC like that all I ahve is a prebuilt 400 dollar with a GTX 1050ti I put it in

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