Weapons Tactics More Pubg Mobile goes through a great solo game from this week and breaks down the style and tactics i used to get across the line. Weapons Tactics More Pubg Mobile is all about movement and fun πŸ˜›


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  1. im getting tired that
    In every match in fpp solos theres this idiots teaming up in full squads. Why are you doing it?

  2. I just uploaded a video wining in FPP I haven't played for ages lucky my enemy was worse than me all my settings and buttons different WHY can't I just copy them from TPP 😭

  3. Only need 2x with mini??? . Come to a mobile then we will talk bro

  4. You do alot of tactical video which is good but if you want to gain alot of followers and enlarge your channel.. you need to make crate openings video or videos trying the lucky spins.

  5. Like this comment enough so that bushka sees it!! You should do a video (if you already have I haven't seen it forgive me) all about vehicle gameplay. I know you've definitely touched on it in videos about how to drive better or switch seats or jump out the left side etc… but would love to see a fully comprehensive video on the matter. Especially something interesting I've found, unless it was a fluke, it seems that a full clip from the mk14 in full auto blows up any vehicle. I had a full squad pull up to my house in a recent game and did just that on a whim and wiped the whole squad simultaneously in idk less than a second lol… maybe I was lucky and it was already shot up a bit. Needless to say I've recreated the same destruction of vehicles just not the luck of the full squad not stopping / jumping out in time

  6. Is it possible for someone to one shot a full level three vest and full health with a kar 98?

  7. Thanks for the tricks n tips

  8. Dear Mr. Bushka. I need you to make a guide for solo vs duos or squad in the final circle. Strategies and all. A lot of times i lose my squad in fights mid game and late game its most of the time me vs duos or full squad and I'm getting minced lol.. So it'll be wonderful if you can shower some love and share some thought. Thanking you in advance. #Bushka the best

  9. Always great stuff mate, I have that same issue with my scope to close to my jump haha

  10. What does more for control, the compensator or the grip?

  11. 7:08
    People spectating Bushka: 3
    People spectating me: -1

  12. 1:05 bushka.exe has stopped working

  13. Social distancing? How about physical distancing an I'll be as social as I want, we have the technology 😜 also nice vid man πŸ‘

  14. That was a dope game to. The 6x spray on the dude ripping across the field was epic

  15. Bushka, I hope you see this
    Would you do a video with the setting "show touches" enabled on your device?
    It's in the developer options. When it's enabled you'll see a little white dot appear briefly anywhere on the screen that you touch. It shouldn't interrupt your playing, but if you turned that on we could see how fast/slow you drag down for recoil control (just one example) among other important things. Please consider trying it out. Thank you if you took time out of your day to read my comment. ❀

  16. I feel you bushka, it's so hard to find a match in solo fpp and when you finally find one there is a hacker on the server or there are 2 or even 4 Arabic guys teaming.

  17. I am pushing ace in fpp squads and all I see is m416 3x sprays with a 6,3 scopes
    I would like a huge buff to some bolts,dmr's,smg's and hell even pistols need buffing up.
    And a huge nerf to the m416 on all aspects! Of its qualities like how they did to the m16

  18. I make a lot of stupid noise in plane to avoid this in solo fpp Asia and many people also understand me and join in making stupid sounds to avoid players teaming up

  19. Love it always something to learnπŸ‘

  20. arund 5k views and not even 10%of πŸ‘, common people press that πŸ‘

  21. When my phone reached I will be getting this level of gameplay I am upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy note edge to a lg g8

  22. It's good playing fpp but in every game there is these people teaming up to rank push. It's so frustrating!! :///

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