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Elite Roale Pass Season 11 is out and this video we will Max Out the Royale Pass and do…

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  1. Tell me why you deserve the Elite Royale Pass Upgrade for Season 11 in the comments 🙂 and follow my instagram
    January 31 12pm EST when winner is announced.

  2. Because i am a pub g lover and i need it because my all friends have royal pass accept me

  3. Hii big fan 🙂😊 give royle pass plz

  4. I really want the pass seeing I can’t anymore afford to even buy the cheapest 1 lost my job and depend a lot on my dad now I even play on an LG G6 I think so yea the struggle is real

  5. i deserve it because i watch all ur stream to improve my gameplay, and i honestly can say im way better now than i was before watching. thank you!

  6. Because I noticed you made your bed the other day. 😂😂😂

  7. I think I deserve it just like anyone of you true supporters but I hope am the luckiest one this time around ,keeping doing the great job bro

  8. Yeah i miss clash royal days with wicked 😔😕

  9. I deserve the pass because I can’t afford to spend money on one 😔 my wife would kill me!

  10. I neeed the selfie emote!!!!:))
    Good luck to everyone, hope yall come in 2nd place!

  11. I need it because all girls break up with me when they find out i dont have it upgraded. im dyin for the m4 skin!!

  12. i deserve it bec im a tier 99 pro player! GGS!

  13. i deserved this royale pass because everyone of my friend has elite pass and they told me that i am beggar .
    so,please give me.
    Plz dont think i am lying
    i have no money to buy a single uc.
    name=BS | Sumit

  14. I simply want the elite pass because I didnt want to spend 25 bucks

  15. If I win the giveaway for any reason,please donate it to koala conservation…They deseve for all the damage we have done

  16. Yay! I made it into the video 😂😂

  17. I need it in my life so I can look good on your streams 😎 I don't have any skins at all except for some free ones that I've gotten through accommodations. It would be nice to try and push for a hundred ranking only reason why I would do it is for all the gun skins and the pan I mean the pan is too awesome 💯

  18. I want because i like all the rewards. I am watching your content from the time of clash of clans

  19. I should get the royal pass becuase I am a long time subscriber. I watch you alot especially your scrims. I love your stream becuase of your hype and passion for the game. You are one of my best scrim streamer (next to mr.Flip) . Love your content bro! . P.s I want the royal pass because it is one of the best royal pass that has come out 🙂

  20. Hi what's up bro! I hope the Elite Royale pass will won by the guy who really deserves it! GOOD LUCK to everyone one!

  21. I deserve the royal pass because I’ve known you since you played clash of clans I would stop by every time you had a new video up. When I heard of pubg I was so into the game n saw that you came into it as well that’s when sh*t got real started playing comp cuz of your scrims back in S2 and have really enjoyed being able to play comp till this day. Hope I win.

  22. I want Royale Pass for a simple reason, I like every single item this season especially all the black rose items that consist of my favorite colors and if I win I would probably wear it for a couple seasons :') (also i'm broke)

  23. i NEED it bec i have no money left cuz my bugatti guzzles gas. i DESERVE it bec i only have 1 finger on each hand so i cant play claw. luv ya wicked!

  24. I should get the elite pass because I have played in your scrims and have played pubgm since s1 and love your vids

  25. Why should i win a royale pass,whu should anyone win a royale pass have you questioned yourself about that?Spending money on games isn't good!Just think about it you are making an addiction same as drugs,gambling and alchol,you can get skins(parachutes,emotes) by playing, royale pass will just give you 5/6 more skins that aren't that special!

  26. And i am also following your instagram

  27. I spent my last $500 on a sponsorship for Paul the koala and can't buy the royal pass at the moment and would appreciate gift
    PS I also don't have a m4 skin and have been playing since beta

  28. I am your friend on WickedRo and i am playing for a few seasons now and i havent got a season elite royal pass so if you pick me that would be amazing like dreams come true

  29. My old id was hacked I had made my new id my all outfits were lost 😭 please help me please give me that royal pass 11. I am not watching your videos I had just subscribe u I actually think u may help. Please!!!!

  30. I have not got any royal pass in pubg Mobile. I want it. I am a school students. My parents are not giving money to me. So i want royal pass

  31. I can I tryout for WC I'm a great player /sniper

  32. REPORT THIS HACKER _5585305273

  33. I should get it cause I be grinding 8 hours a day on this game nonstop

  34. I should get the RP because I’ve been watching you for a long time and always stop by at ur streams and I really want the rp and my ign is 5630024681 I hope I win but goodluck everyone

  35. I desrve this royal pass because i have never got and i been playing pubg for a long time i only got a few skins can i please have it

  36. Plsss wicked give me a RP im your solid fan i can afford to buy bcos im poor

  37. Ive never gotten the Royal pass Lol 😂😂😂

  38. Allright reason why I should have 11 swaps on pass I’m and og and I’m active every day and also STONKS but I’ll feel happy cuz I’ve bought every season except this one rn cuz your boi broke than a stick so yeah by than again up to you who u choose and who ever gets it U BETTER MAX IT OUT AND HOORAHH

  39. I have been playing pubg mobile from season 2 onwards. I have always wanted to get the Royale pass but have not been able to do so. It would be great if you could fulfill this "veteran's" desire.

  40. because i am broke ):

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